Which sports should martial artists play?

Besides the passion for practicing martial arts, people playing martial arts also have many sports that can be used to complement or entertain.


It is the most popular sport and also a participatory martial arts game. The health benefits of this discipline are indisputable. The ability to co-ordination (eye and body coordination) is one of the greatest complementation of practicing soccer in martial arts.


However, if you choose football as a sport besides martial arts, you need to pay attention to the issue of injury. The nature of martial arts has been a collision, football has a high injury rate as well. The “burden” of both subjects at the same time will put you at great physical risk.


Put simply, hiking is walking in the mountains. The fact that athletics was once an assessed discipline can complement martial arts. However, unlike the martial art’s type of jogging, true athletics will forge a lot of muscle qualities and respiratory habits that are somewhat redundant or even contrary to martial arts, but require time. The time, effort and risk of injury are relatively high.


Meanwhile, Hiking still good training durability and flexibility of legs as well as circulatory and respiratory systems, although it is not really athletics. Even Hiking is not called sports. Besides physical training, Hiking is also a hobby for nature lovers. Working in teams of this subject, you also learn a lot of interesting skills such as survival, positioning, first aid…

The biggest weakness of Hiking with martial arts players who want to have extra play is to ask too much knowledge to ensure safety for themselves, as well as to enjoy the trip fully. If you need an instant noodles game in between martial arts sessions, this is not a good choice.

Intellectual sports

Chess or even poker and game genres can be counted as intellectual sports.


If the disciplines are as complex as chess training you are careful and calculated in depth, suitable for entertainment or enhance the ability to practice – martial arts competition with higher tactics then game genres train different mental qualities. FPS shooting game helps you increase neural reflexes, MOBA games like legendary Alliance forge the ability to receive and analyze information from various sources.