When do you need waterproof hiking shoes?

Do you want to own waterproof hiking shoes or a normal pair of shoes? Do you think this is an easy question to answer? No, not that easy!

The decision to wear hiking shoes waterproof or not need to consider quite carefully! And if you choose waterproof shoes, you need to know the benefits that this shoe brings.

When do you need waterproof shoes?

One of the things to consider is: Where will hiking shoes take you? If you’re planning to go to a desert and other places where there’s not much water on the way, waterproof shoes are probably an unnecessary choice. If you’re planning to go to the Pacific Northwest, where rainy days are common, and even on non-rainy days, you may still have to walk in the humid bush near the trail, the hiking shoes can help you in this situation. If you are going to go hiking for a few days and your climate or schedule does not have enough time to dry wet shoes, waterproof shoes are also an ideal choice.


You need to see the weather forecast for all the hiking sessions you will be going. If it can rain a lot where you go hiking, bring some waterproof shoes. What if you’re going to go hiking in the hot weather or almost never have to use a raincoat? Perhaps at that time waterproof shoes also became unnecessary!

How to choose hiking shoes based on weather conditions:

When you buy hiking shoes, consider where you are going and what the weather will be, whether you should choose waterproof or non-waterproof, or buy both (take a pair and leave the rest in a backpack).


For daytime hiking, especially in hot and dry climates, you will definitely sweat. If you tend to go hiking more in the summer, you really don’t need a pair of waterproof shoes. Or, if you wade in a stream, a pair of quick-dry shoes is preferable than a thick, lined waterproof shoe. While a pair of waterproof shoes can be breathable, a pair of shoes with mesh upper will really boost the airflow and help you move stably.

The decision to choose hiking shoes depends on your personal preferences and type of experience. If you mostly go hiking in places that rain as often as Scotland, your need for shoes will be different from those who walk mostly in southern Utah.