The difference between trekking and hiking

Hiking has many mental benefits, what about a trekking trip or simply a weekend camping trip with friends?

The same is a form of traveling in a remote place but it requires more of your strength, makes you feel satisfied and proud to complete, you will have moments of relaxation and fun with your friends.

Basically, it can be said that trekking is a form of outdoor recreation or picnicking, those who often go or be famous in trekking is called trekker, including long trips, suburbs, foreign capital. Especially in this subject, participants will walk, do not use any means of transportation, we usually only use vehicles to get to the place where we want to make a trekking trip.

The trekker will often choose the suburbs with bad terrain, rugged, gravel, forests, you can take a short trekking, a few hours or a day, but there are also groups that organize trips. go on days, even up to several weeks to cross parts of the world. The trekkers see this sport as a hobby, hobby and passion, not just want to challenge yourself.

There are differences between trekking and other types of travel such as weather conditions that also significantly affect the plans of a trekker group compared to motorbikes and cars. When you go on trekking, you can see firsthand the scenery that other vehicles cannot.

In fact, these two activities are quite similar, but if you look closely at the activities of both disciplines, there are differences, hikers often make trips on trails or asphalt, roads have been covered bamboo shoots. The trekker often chooses more adventurous, more challenging terrain such as hills, gravel or even mud.

The biggest difference in trekking and hiking is the intensity of 2 different activities, hiking is quite light and relaxed while trekking requires adaptation to many different types of terrain, most of the roads are difficult to go, smooth sliding or rugged, participants will exercise more strength, and they can challenge themselves, pushing themselves to the dangers to practice by self-direction, positioning, without the need for means, modern technology like GPS, they will have to get used to the map more. The joy of the trekker is often to find new roads, have not been explored or have any photos yet.