Save yourself when you get lost on the road

The unfortunate departure of a young player on the way to conquer the challenge not only leaves pain but also raises the question of how to limit the risks when hiking.

I think you must be a person who loves hiking (walking through the mountains) or climbing to understand the feeling of the days of wandering in the mountains, day by day overcoming your weakness, managing in situations yet. ever encountered and ecstatic, immersed in the countless beauty of the majestic nature. But this is not the first time the player has an accident and the question is: How to minimize the risks for them?

I have friends who seem like their life is to search for dangerous, rare human footprints like on the Hymalayas and quietly conquer them. They are passionate but never reckless and defiant. The prerequisite of each of their trips is to be safe, so they are prepared as much as possible to protect their health from knowledge, skills, and equipment. They may never dare to buy brand-name clothes, watches, but will never regret the money to invest in good climbing shoes, quality climbing equipment, health insurance, hiring guides (guide road) for strange, difficult arcs.

Not to mention the personal skills needed such as looking at the compass, guessing the water source, knowing how to find food … the first task of a hiking group is to minimize the fact that a person gets lost for too long. At important turns, a guide or a group leader should use a tree branch to block wrong turns, making arrow markers in the right direction. In the group there will be people walking fast, people going slowly. People who already know can quantify each other’s strength to perceive the situation if someone has a problem.

For a safe trip, minimizing risks, with strange roads and few people traveling, you should ask a professional guide to guide you. Team leaders not only have to be good at personal experience, know how to take moves, but also have the ability to organize and manage the group. The group must be told the rules of the trip and all members must adhere to it strictly.