Mistakes to keep in mind while hiking can put you at risk

For those who are just starting out on a hiking or having little experience, it’s very common to make mistakes.

The wrong use of genuine camping tents, or inappropriate preparation of items. Will leave you with a pretty bad hiking ride.

1. Wear inappropriate socks

Often beginners will choose thin socks, pairs with casual shoes you wear. Instead of choosing genuine items such as genuine camping tents, or genuine socks, genuine shoes. Because you don’t yet know the importance of a pair with waterproofing. As well as the importance of a thick sock to the foot during hiking treks.

Wear waterproof quality socks, which will keep your feet comfortable and dry throughout your hiking trek. As well as thick socks, will help keep warm and help your feet less damage and less friction.

2. Not carrying enough water

Most people who are just starting out on hiking, or going hiking for the first time on a new trail. Not fully understanding this road, bringing in insufficient water for the trip. Or because you wanted to reduce the weight of the baggage, you brought less water.

But what if your camping site is wild, or out of town. Then you will have to work very hard to find water, and also cannot guarantee it is clean.

Lack of water is dangerous, because you’ve been active all day. If you become dehydrated, it can easily lead to health complications.

3. Do not wear water filters and basic survival tools

When you run out of water if you do not bring fresh water, how inconvenient and difficult it will be to find water in the wilderness, away from residential areas.

Also, you should bring basic survival items with you for your trip. In dangerous situations, or like the easiest thing to do is to open the cans of snacks. If you don’t have any tools with you, opening these cans, seemingly simple. But it becomes extremely difficult and complex.