Make your hiking trip perfect (Part 2)

Financial preparation

You need to plan on paying for your entire trip and a credit on your credit card. You are advised to split your cash fund equally into 2 parts, of which 50% is cash, the remaining 50% is on ATM cards. This will probably limit the risk as the dust travel process can create unforeseen situations. Credit cards should be brought especially when traveling abroad to facilitate payment when you need to pay for a hotel, book an extra flight, or buy some souvenir items.

The cash that you take with you should also be broken down into small pieces, stored in different places from your carry-on stomach bag, in a backpack, in clothes or in all socks or shoes.

Lightweight luggage

For backpacking trips, the arrangement of scientific luggage helps you not to be too busy in your sightseeing. Depending on the weather conditions and the purpose of the trip, you will balance the luggage accordingly.

Common items such as medical drugs, punches, locks, electronic devices, power banks, power outlets, umbrellas, and hats should be carried. Apparel, clothing using lightweight materials, has a cool effect in the summer, warm in the winter.

You should bring enough clothing for your trip. If necessary, purchase additional wear during travel at destinations. Most residences offer laundry facilities, so it’s also convenient when you don’t need to carry too much clothes. You should weigh your luggage at home and see if your suitcase or backpack is suitable for your condition.

If you are using an airplane for travel, pay attention to checked baggage and cabin baggage. For checked baggage do not leave valuable items such as laptops, cameras, money. Carry-on baggage, please do not bring prohibited items of the airline such as sharp metal objects, liquid beyond the allowed level.

If you use a low-cost airline, pay attention to the size and weight allowed of checked and hand luggage. If you are overweight, you will have to pay a large amount of money.

To avoid missing luggage and travel items, you should make a list of luggage to take away.