Make your hiking trip perfect (Part 1)

For the perfect hiking trip, in addition to finding destination information, financial preparation, luggage science, you need to prepare yourself a comfortable mentality.

Build schedules and find destination information

This is important for a perfect backpacker or hiking trip. First, you should plan the tour according to your own needs and interests. If you like world heritage, learn about local culture, trekking, hiking … then you will build a program according to your personal taste. Use the Google maps tool to grade points to discover on the map. Then, schedule sightseeing, how to move, find a place to sleep.

A tip for you to be confused when choosing a schedule, because even you do not know what to visit, then look to travel agents, or travel agencies to refer to the same schedule from which to offer own plan for yourself.

After the schedule, you should find out information about where you want to go. You go to forums or websites about backpackers, read related articles to have information relevant to your trip. Continue to search destination information about the value of tourism resources, culture, festivals, customs, religion to avoid cultural shocks, especially those who go to remote areas. remote ethnic minorities, or traveling abroad with indigenous religious culture completely alien to you.

As when visiting Muslim countries in the Middle East, you should be careful when dealing with women, not to take photos without their permission, for example.

The choice of departure time for the trip is also a factor contributing to your beautiful trip. You must find out the weather to come before you leave. This season destination nothing special? Is there a festival or not? Show blooming carpets like? Is the terraced field yellow? The weather is pleasant, sunny or rainy, with snow. What is the temperature of the destination so that you also prepare clothes accordingly?

Carrying too bulky luggage when the weather is not too cold will make your luggage too overweight and difficult to move. If the weather is too cold and you do not bring warm clothes, you will easily catch a cold and will affect the trip.