Las Vegas and little known things

With bright casinos, endless nights and tens of millions of visitors, Las Vegas in the imagination of the world is huge. But with only 600,000 residents, the city also has a very unique appearance of a small town that only aboriginal people know.

But most people think that living in Vegas means we party like every day. Of course not. Vegas has beautiful suburbs, great for kids, and there’s plenty to play outside the gathering area filled with Las Vegas Strip casinos, such as boating or hiking.

As an international destination, Las Vegas has all kinds of things to meet the needs of the big city, and there are places that famous people often visit, something no small town can compete. Las Vegas is also famous for its luxury casinos. If you do not have the opportunity to set foot here, you can experience it through the famous online casinos here.


“I like the fact that there are quite a lot of vegetarian-friendly restaurants along the valley,” said Ethan Reynolds, who moved from Los Angeles four years ago. “Places like Venenation, Vege-way, Violette’s and Simply Pure make vegetarianism in Sin City very easy, and Wynn also has vegetarian menus at all of their restaurants”.

Locals can even easily meet celebrities who visit the less bustling areas of the city. “I taught Hot Pilates at the TruFusion gym, and Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriquez and Kendra Wilkinson recently went there”, Reynolds said.

The Shops at Crystals, a shopping mall on the south side of the Strip, is also a favorite for Celine Dion and Ricky Martin, two famous singers.

However, the beauty of Vegas is beyond flashy, and it makes every day convenient. “I like the fact that I can buy vegetables and food at 3 am”, said Jewell Musgrove, who lived for five years in the city after moving from the East Coast to working here.

Not many residents here are of original Nevada, most are from other countries or states (especially from the neighboring state, California), looking for unique job opportunities.

Most people focus on finding jobs related to entertainment and services, and the food and tourism industry. There is also a small, but growing, group of tech startups.

The hot, dry desert climate is a big minus. “It’s always sunny, we never need to see the weather forecast. But if it’s raining, it’s only very short”, said Schneider.


Las Vegas is an easy place to live outdoors. Trekking and hiking trails are right behind the city. Locals also often drive about 40 miles to the west, to Mount Charleston to avoid heat. This mountainous town is 20-30F cooler than downtown Las Vegas and even has skiing and snowboarding during the winter months.

Living here is easy for us to enjoy, even if you only have a modest salary. “I live in a community apartment complex, including a golf course, an artificial beach, indoor and outdoor tennis courts,” Musgrove said. “My house is quite spacious, has a private swimming pool and it costs only $ 1,300 a month.”