Into The Wild – Great movie for those who like hiking

The movies on the topic of hiking/backpacking often in it a certain philosophy but in general, gives the viewer a sense of comfort, freedom, liberal when you can see people are free to go to the remote, vast and majestic places of nature.

And after every week of hard work, you can open a few Hiking movies to see to find a little excitement in yourself, or at least to find a bit of motivation to exercise. In today’s article, we will introduce to you the movie about hiking interesting and worth seeing – Into The Wild.

Set in 1990, the film is based on a true story about Christopher McCandless, a recent college graduate and the son of a former NASA employee.


Despite everything: a rich family, a full life and a bright future, he took the initiative to throw everything away: destroy all personal papers, burn all money, drive to one deserted place, remove the license plate and leave the car to start your journey to Alaska. Chris thinks that we live in a false society, everyone lives for money, so he wants to leave everything to return to nature.

Because he did not want his family to find him, Chris took the initiative to change his name to Alexander Supertramp, which means “super wandering” and went from place to place, doing all the work to maintain his life. Along the way he met many different people, different lives but whoever he is he is also very loved. Perhaps with strangers, Chris felt more honest than with his family.


Chris finally makes it to Alaska, where he stays in an old bus, hunting wild animals and gathering to survive the harsh Alaskan climate. He died alone in that car because of tree root poisoning. In many of the nostalgia and the suffering of family members. And about 10 years later, that story was made into the famous Into The Wild movie.

Here we do not discuss true/false in Chris’ story because it is merely a different point of view of each person. Maybe Chris’ actions are considered selfish, crazy, but maybe you have to admit that at least once, you want to throw away everything like Chris so you can be truly free in this world, free from the material and artificial society we live in every day.


Perhaps that’s what attracts viewers when they can find their own sympathy on Chris’s journey, we can blame Chris but we also feel pity and admire admiration your courage. And for those who love hiking, Into The Wild is still a favorite movie no matter what.