How to have a safe hiking trip in winter?

If you want to go hiking in the mountains in the winter in order to stay in shape, this article is for you!

Refer to the experience below to get safe hiking for yourself and your teammates.

Some reminders about the body

Regardless of the ambient temperature, the body will always try to maintain the temperature at about 98.6°F (37°C). When it decreases, we must know that we are at risk of hypothermia. And this is very dangerous to the body can be fatal.

To combat the cold

Please choose a genuine cold-water jacket to protect the body in the best way. As a response to the cold, the body will reduce the size of warm blood vessels to the limbs such as arms and legs to further limit this heat loss.

The body will also try to increase the amount of heat generated. Shivering is one way, but it’s not enough in terms of movement and effort. On the other hand, this will make you exhausted quickly by using too much energy for generating heat.

The specific note when hiking in the winter

The day will be shorter:

This will make you cut back on outdoor time. To avoid having to camp late and stay outdoors at night. Because the temperature will drop very quickly on winter nights especially in places with high altitudes like snowy mountains. After a long day of moving tired, surely you do not want to be outside in the cold weather cut the skin like this?

Low temperature:

Of course, you will see most clearly and early in the morning and evening. Do not be foolish but active outdoors at these times.

There is also an essential concept that needs immediate consideration. Temperature is not the only indicator of cold. The movement of air, wind in particular greatly increases the feeling of cold. A good wind-proof trekking jacket will help you limit this easily.

On the other hand, moisture in clothes is also a cause of heat loss. When clothes are wet, whether due to sweat or rain, extreme heat loss due to convection will result. Moisture exits the skin, saturates the air around the body and condenses on the skin surface, so if the underwear is effective, condensation will occur especially in the insulation. This will help you avoid significant hypothermia.