Hiking experience in Hong Kong – The Dragon Back trail

If you are a person who likes hiking, it will be a major short coming if you ignore the famous road known as The Dragon Back Trail, which is a dragon’s back.

The road is very easy to travel and safe for all ages, just need comfortable clothes, restrained furniture, comfortable shoes, snacks and drinks that you can conquer this road.

This road has 2 heads, first of all is near Chai Wan MTR station, the second is near Shau Kei Wan MTR station (you have to take a bus to the starting point), however, we agreed that the starting point at Chai Wan MTR is The most reasonable because the start is more difficult than the starting point from Shau Kei Wan MTR. Going through the cemetery and the forest road before admiring the beauty of the road will be more comfortable than the end of the trip with the image of the cemetery.

Kinh nghiệm Trekking ở Hong Kong

Pick up the MTR train from central Hong Kong to Chai Wan station, exit A, then go through a shopping mall right there to the door to the street. At this point you will be on a pedestrian bridge, along the right hand, go straight and go down the stairs also on the right, you will stand at Wan Tsui road, so go in the direction of the arrow as shown:

Wan Tsui Road is on the left hand side of a large glass building. Going straight about 200m, you will see a fork, turn left onto Lin Shing Road. From there go straight about 300-400m you will meet Cape Collinson Catholic Cemetery. Going straight to the cemetery you will see a very long stairway to the left. Don’t hesitate, go upstairs and start your journey.

Kinh nghiệm du lịch Hong Kong

If anyone has experienced Trekking in Hong Kong, it would be impossible to mention the wonderful weather in Hong Kong, extremely suitable for trekking. We suspect that Hong Kong people are very healthy in part due to regular exercise and climbing.

Remember to bring snack and water as there is no street vendors on the street, you should pay attention to keep hygiene, keep garbage to dispose when you get to the bus or tram station.

Kinh nghiệm du lịch Hong Kong

The first stop, although this is a trail, the local authorities still arrange a few wooden benches at some peak views so that the hikers can rest and enjoy the scenery on one side sea ​​on one side of the forest. As a reminder, there are absolutely no trash cans, if you come here, please bring the garbage to the bus and tram station, this is a great experience hiking in Hong Kong, we must always remind the self about preserving and preserving nature must not you.

And the road is so long as it seems endless. Near the end of the road, you will realize that the interaction between nature and humans can also create very unique beauty and of course the predominant nature.

Kinh nghiệm du lịch Hong Kong

This is the end of the road, from here we go down to take the bus to the MTR Shau Kei Wan station to return to the center. The use of Octopus cards for all public transport in Hong Kong is also admirable.