Hiking Experience At Rattlesnake Point, Ontario

It can be said that Rattlesnake Point, Milton is one of the most beautiful hiking locations in Ontario.

Compared to Dundas Peak is also equal. The thing is that the view at Dundas Peak is more spectacular, while in Rattlesnake Point there are more places to admire. In a nutshell, in the fall, both are the ideal places to see the color changing leaves near the Toronto area.

Rattlesnake Point is located in Milton, Ontario is 1 hour drive from Toronto. Public transport is not feasible. So look for someone to organize a trip, or take your own driver’s license and hire Zipcar.

In addition to the cost of vehicles and meals, the entrance fee is $7/adult. Opening times are from 8:30 AM to 9:30 PM in the spring-summer season. But remember to check out the website of Conservation Halton before you go.

In addition to the wet and rainy times, every spring and autumn winter should come here for a trip. There is even a winter camp activity. In this place in the spring of summer, there are many activities such as camping, pinic, hike, bird watching, sightseeing from the cliff and especially climbing (rock climbing).


Rock climbing does not have tools so it is mainly watching people climb. On the cliff, there are hooks, who want to climb, they need to bring equipment and climb themselves and climb down the mountain to play. In addition, there are quite a lot of Turkey Vultures in this area, sitting and eating lunch and seeing a flight around their heads like they want to eat.

For hiking, there are two loops (Vista Advanture Trail – 1.5 km and Buffalo Crag Trail – 3 km) and Nassagaweya Trail (4.7 km) straight to Lake Crawford. The Nassagaweya is only one way, so it should be about 10 km. Depending on the time and health status of each member, choose the appropriate route.


A special feature of this trail is that there are many locations along the side of the road where you can zoom away. In general, sightseeing is very beautiful. In addition, sometimes you may be overwhelmed by the green spaces and towering trees on the side of the road.