Hateful Old Love, American Female Tourist Takes Nude Pictures When Hiking

Megan only nude up to 15 minutes each time to take pictures and try to make no one see her.

From Kansas (Missouri, USA), Megan Marie, a 35-year-old veterinarian, is passionate about hiking and taking nude pictures at beautiful destinations. She often travels trekking through forests in the park, according to Sun.

“I had a hard time with some disappointing relationships that didn’t go anywhere. I wanted to look for something that gave me a sense of freedom, independent of anyone and doing something great enough. to make all old lovers jealous”, Megan said.

In early 2015, Megan set a determination to go camping more after love broke up. By the end of May, she and her sister Erin began driving more than 4,000 kilometers from Colorado to San Francisco for two weeks. Two people slept in tents everynight, only eating dry food. “Before I left, I was only afraid that everything would be ruined. But we did it, then I felt extremely proud and excited because I did a crazy job for the first time”, Megan said.

Bạn đồng hành là chú chó Wembley. Ảnh: Instagram/@holdon2yerbutts.

Since then, Megan has visited many national parks throughout the United States and regularly updates on social networks. A joking friend suggested that she take pictures to reveal the third round. Megan accepted the challenge and posted her first nude photo taken during a trip to California in July 2016.

But responded to Megan’s uneasy thoughts, the photo received hundreds of favorites. She was even more encouraged with positive comments and increased followers. Megan continued to post more nude images, which became routine weekly in the summer months.

When the account reached more than 20,000 followers, Megan decided to turn personal pages into a place to discuss safe climbing and mental health. She said she was much more optimistic thanks to the trips when she herself suffered from depression.

Megan leo núi trong vườn quốc gia Dead Horse Point, bang Utah, Mỹ.  Ảnh: Instagram/@holdon2yerbutts.

Megan knows that her photos may be considered sensitive, but she wants to take advantage of the attention in a positive way, to say things that are important to the public. For over 2 years, Megan has uploaded more than 50 nude photos, saving memories of countless trips with Wembley. To take a photo, she had to find a quiet place, not a shadow. Megan will take off her clothes and ask her sister Erin or set herself up from behind.

She always tried not to see anyone and only nude for a maximum of 15 minutes each time: “These photos are not pornographic or erotic even though I know some people may default. I know a lot of people. It is difficult to clearly distinguish between nudity and sex, but I don’t care”. In fact, Megan’s parents are also uncomfortable to see their daughter show her body. She confided that her parents seemed disappointed about her and the family still hadn’t mentioned it again.

Tôi thực sự thích cảm giác phấn khích đứng giữa thiên nhiên mà không mặc bất kỳ đồ gì trên người, adrenaline tăng cao trong máu khi tôi nhìn thấy những khung cảnh đẹp mê hồn, Megan nói. Ảnh: Instagram/@holdon2yerbutts.

Even so, Megan continues to share pictures for hobbies, and keeps in touch with thousands of fans. Love life also changed positively when she started dating anew person. “A month after my first appointment, I successfully persuaded him to go hiking in Utah, where he took pictures of my banana plant. He took the trips and loved the show I showed off in the third round. I am with the whole world – literally and figuratively”, Megan said.