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Climbing and different types of climbing

Mountain climbing is generally outdoor activities such as walking, climbing or climbing to the top of a mountain. In fact, this sport has the oldest origins, since the time when the ancestors of their ancestors ate holes in the hole, they had already climbed the mountain, and until the modern times this sport has been

5 Tips To Help You Fully Enjoy The Hiking Trip

Hiking not only helps you become more flexible, but also a way to help you enjoy the fullest natural atmosphere. According to Huffington Post, a walk can completely make you feel happier and healthier. With benefits like lowering blood pressure, lowering the risk of stroke, diabetes and heart disease, there’s really no reason for you

4 Excellent Places For Hiking In Philippines

4 excellent places for hiking in Philippines in the list below are points to be many tourists love. Philippines is famous for its wild natural landscape impression, so no surprise that the Philippines has always held some attractive exploration activity, attracting the attention of many visitors. 1. Tirad Mountain The mountain Tirad is one of