Author: Melanie Jacobs

What is attractive to Kenya tourism?

Kenya is a country in Africa. Despite the beautiful beaches, but visitors to Kenya rarely can sit still and enjoy the beauty. There are simply too many interesting things to experience. Natural landscapes are very attractive, from equatorial glaciers to wild paradise or tropical coral reefs. What a great natural playground for all those who

Which sports should martial artists play?

Besides the passion for practicing martial arts, people playing martial arts also have many sports that can be used to complement or entertain. Soccer It is the most popular sport and also a participatory martial arts game. The health benefits of this discipline are indisputable. The ability to co-ordination (eye and body coordination) is one

10 most beautiful hiking roads in Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the world’s top destinations but you’re still wondering what to play in Indonesia? Discover 4 most beautiful hiking trails and you can climb hills, majestic sunrise, or witness the lake of jellyfish. It is not exaggerating to say that Indonesia is a true paradise for tourists who like hiking. If still