Author: Melanie Jacobs

Useful tips for newbies to hiking

If you are planning a trip, the mountains could be the place for you. Hiking is not only a form of exercise but also a way for you to understand yourself and explore early nature. Once you’ve decided on hiking, you’ll probably ask yourself what we need to start a hiking trip. As you venture

Hiking and the unexpected health benefits

As the world becomes more urbanized, some studies have shown practical benefits when you leave four walls to step outside and hiking with friends to boost health. Let’s find out the benefits that hiking brings for your health! Build bone density Hiking is a form of weight-loss exercise, which means that your bones and muscles

What is attractive to Kenya tourism?

Kenya is a country in Africa. Despite the beautiful beaches, but visitors to Kenya rarely can sit still and enjoy the beauty. There are simply too many interesting things to experience. Natural landscapes are very attractive, from equatorial glaciers to wild paradise or tropical coral reefs. What a great natural playground for all those who