American helicopters rescued people being crushed by large rocks in a 1,900 m high mountain

A hiking man was crushed by a large rock on August 9 when he was about 1,900m altitudes. He was rescued and taken to the hospital.

The man, not named by officials, was in an accident while hiking down Iron Cap Mountain in Washington, USA with his girlfriend on the evening of August 9.

A rock nearly 2 m long, nearly 2 m wide rolled and pressed against the man causing him serious head and leg injuries. The victim tried to keep himself awake after the accident, the girlfriend said, according to CNN.

The victim’s companion was a nursing student. She used the cuffs tightly wrapped around her friend’s leg to stop the bleeding. After that, she climbed onto the higher ground to catch phone calls and call 911 ambulance.

Due to the location of the victim is high above, the Oregon Coast Guard cooperated with the King County Police Search and Rescue Office to deploy a rescue plane to rescue the victim.

The police team identified the victims’ locations and brought them to safety.

“Male hikers have more serious organ injuries than they thought,” police officer Ryan Abbott, a media relations officer for the King County Sheriff’s Office, told CNN.

“They are very lucky because the police were able to drag them onto the plane to take them away. Otherwise, the rescue team will have to climb the mountain and it could take up to a day.

The victim was airlifted to Harborview hospital and is currently stable.

Last year, three other hikers were also successfully rescued from Iron Cap mountain after a fourth in the group died.

“This area is extremely secluded with steep, jagged cliffs. There are rocking rocks there that can fall at any time”, said the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office at the time.