4 Excellent Places For Hiking In Philippines

4 excellent places for hiking in Philippines in the list below are points to be many tourists love.

Philippines is famous for its wild natural landscape impression, so no surprise that the Philippines has always held some attractive exploration activity, attracting the attention of many visitors.

1. Tirad Mountain

Núi Tirad ở Philippines

The mountain Tirad is one of four famous great hiking places in the Philippines. The path is suitable for both beginners and professional climbers. You can just go on longer hiking trails, just listen to the tour guide recounts the historic event happened on the mountain. And when climbing to the top, you will really feel comfortable as well as enjoy observing the scenery surrounding mountain forests.

2. Guiting–Guiting Mountain

Mount Guiting–Guiting is a popular destination during the tour of the Philippines not because of its height but because of the rich flora in this place. Dense tropical forests on the mountains always attract the tourists love the adventure, want to search. In addition, the hiking trails on the mountain are considered rugged terrains, challenging for those who join a hiking trip.

3. Puetro Galera City

Thành phố Puetro Galera ở Philippines

The Puetro Galera City in Oriental Mindoro province is famous for its beautiful beaches and mountains. So, this is the city where the great hiking in the Philippines. Tourists can wander along the beach or go exploring the trails up Mount Malasimbo. The mountain is the place to live of Iraya Mangyan tribes with many long-standing cultural character. On the climbing, you’ll observe more exotic plants as well as caught few about carving the impressive nature.

4. Waterfall Pagsanjan

Thác nước Pagsanjan ở Philippines

Falls Pagsanjan is famous sights in the Laguna province. Many tourists are wonderful natural scenery here attracts. First, it will take a boat along the river to get to the area Bumbungan. Then visitors must cross a path many vines, weeds and wild animals, then see the Pagsanjan waterfall deep within. And the ideal time to visit the Philippines falls when traveling in the summer, ranges from February to May.