Vertical Hiking Tours | True Story! What to do if you run into bees while hiking?
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True Story! What to do if you run into bees while hiking?


04 Apr True Story! What to do if you run into bees while hiking?

I want to share a true and very scary story with you. When hiking in Phoenix you hear about the heat, rattle snakes and lack of water. But nobody talks about the bees!

A few days ago, Anderson and I went in our daily hike. We decided to explore Desert Classic Trail to Beverly Canyon Trail to Marcos de Niza on South mountain. In the spring the desert blooms, but sometimes this beauty comes with a price.

When we came to the fork in the trail at Beverly Canyon and Marcos de Niza, I heard a loud buzzing sound.

Anderson was ahead of me and I was frozen in my tracks. I immediately started looking for bees. The thing about this particular trail is that power lines run through it and they make a buzzing sound too. For a split second I thought it was the power lines.

Still immobile and searching around me, Anderson whisper-hollers “BEES!!” in a panicked voice and we quickly retreat.

While I was frozen looking for the hive, Anderson had already walked into the swarm. A large black swarm of buzzing bees surrounding him.

What allowed us to walk away shaken but unharmed? We knew what to do. Here’s what you need to know if you ever run into a swarm of bees while hiking in Phoenix.

Happy Hiking & Stay Safe,

Tierra Wilson
Co-Founder of Vertical Hiking Tours

How to Avoid Swarming Bees While Hiking In Phoenix

  • If you know there are bees in an area avoid them! Even if you have to end your hike, turn around and leave.
  • Listen for buzzing. This will let you know if you are near a colony or swarm of bees. Retreat immediately!
  • Look for bees flying back and forth in a straight line. If you see this, retreat immediately!
  • Bees are sensitive to smells and loud vibrations. Be respectful if nature when hiking and keep your voice calm. Never wear loud scents.
  • Never disturb or tease bees. Spraying water, throwing rocks and even chemicals will only make them angrier.
  • If you are hiking with a dog keep him or her under control and at your heels. A pet wildly running off the trail and into the brush is more likely to disturb bees.

How to Get Away from Bees and Live to Tell the Story

  • If you happen to run into bees do not panic. Remain calm and quietly get away. Keep your voice soft and low if warning others. If you have to run protect your eyes and mouth with your arms.
  • If you are attacked by bees get away quickly. Bees will continue to attack until the victim leaves the area. Hiding in bushes or jumping in water will not work.
  • If you are stung, quickly remove singers with a credit card or fingernails. Count the stingers. Wash the areas with soap and water and supply ice packs for
  • If you suffered multiple stings seek medical attention immediately. Count the number of stingers removed. Also watch for vision and/or breathing impairment.

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